Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Technology Life Balance!

It happened again. I was driving home from visiting my Mother in the Hospital and on BBC Radio 4 there was a short debate on Technology getting the way of life again.

The main focus was on the Blackberry and the fact that people can't go on holiday without taking the office with them. They get disturbed and have to work whilst they try to relax in sun with the wife and children. The debater against technology argued that this brings with it stress.

I don't know about yours, but mine has an off button. Technology once again gets blamed in the media for bad management. I'm glad that given the choice, and when it really matters I can be contacted. Come to think of it, I'm glad that when I have to do something and I'm out of the office, even on holiday, I can do it. I am also very happy to switch on the "out of office" and change my voice mail when I don't want to be contacted allowing me to relax, vet my mail and calls and only deal with the really important ones.

If anyone feels the pressure of work by having technology that allows them to be mobile, then they should look at their own management and that of the company. Things like the Blackberry can free us from the ties of the office and allows us to be mobile. People need to reconsider their priorities if this type of freedom is getting in the way of their sun, surf and sangria, or in my case, snow, ice and a nice cup of tea!!

Written and submitted from Home, a few hours before setting off to the Netherlands, where I will be receiving e-mails, and they will be receiving an out of office reply. No stress!!