Saturday, 13 October 2007

The pace is picking up!

Some months back I reported on the acquisition of Tele Atlas by Tom Tom and it already appears that things are moving quickly with adverts on TV showing that consumer lead cartography has already hit the market in this mainstream company.

You have probably heard about the Nokia/NAVTEQ deal, reported at $8.1 billion. This is good news for us consumers. Because there will be some very healthy rivalry between these 2 companies. Both vying for the long awaited LBS market. Although TOM TOM are not in the phone market, and Nokia are not in the Satnav market, both companies are interested in data collection and capturing the next market driver early.

3G TomTom is a natural step, and full Satnav on the Nokia Phone is already an option. Both could be connected to live updates, and traffic reports. Maybe we will start to see real time views of the streets and intelligent navigation where we will be directed by more factors than the static speed/distance database currently on offer (enhanced by a slow traffic reporting system).

Remember the patent I reported on with Google using location and time in addition to the predictive text and habit currently used. Also the 2 way data transfer they described, where the device can report back to the server and the server can send instructions to the device. Now consider Google's biggest supplier of Mapping data... NAVTEQ .

Exciting times!!!

Written and submitted from a mobile device watching Jessica's riding lesson (I am watching, honest!)