Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Super Cool!

I don't know, you wait for months, then 3 come along all at once.

As more and more computers can handle it, LIDAR data is becoming more main stream, but I never thought as long as by arse faced south that LIDAR could be cool!

Watch this Radiohead video (my favorite band)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Google Earth v's Virtual Earth

After much pestering by my 9 year old daughter, I recently took her up Striding Edge in the Lake District (UK). Very impressed with her efforts, when we got home, I took her on a virtual tour in Google Earth. I was not impressed with the Quality of the image or the surface. SO, a quick hop onto Virtual Earth, and wow!! What a difference! 

Google Earth:

Virtual Earth:

Come on Google, this is really poor. Yes I know you can't cover the whole earth in high res, but this is not just one isolated area. Most comparisons I do, VE wipes the floor with GE. (I still prefer the GE interface though!)

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Saturday, 6 September 2008

Google Chome

It's the G word again! Sorry, but the new web browser from Google is worth a mention. Google Chrome.

First impressions... Clean and simple (The Google trade mark). Mousers will not like the missing zoom, print and the history buttons on the main interface, although keyboard junkies won't miss them at all (Ctrl H, P and +,-). Other than that, things seam very similar to IE or FireFox. You have tabs, but these can be dragged out into a new window. You have your favorites (or bookmarks as Google like to call them), a control and customise button and that is about it!

The only thing I can't find, that I use a lot on the laptop (due to screen size) is the full screen option (F11). 

SO what is brilliant? There has to be something brilliant when Google is involved surely! Well there is a Porn Browser. Yep, they call it an "incognito" window. It removes all information from the computer when it's closed. Apart from the obvious application, quite useful I suppose if your looking for birthday presents on a shared computer.

The "brilliant" has to be the way each tab and Java app uses their own memory. IE has the vary annoying habit of locking up when using multiple tabs and one page or script hangs. The only thing you can do is  Shift, Ctrl + Esc and end the whole IE process. Chrome has it's own task manager and you can end the task that is causing the hang leaving all your web pages in tact (apart from the one that caused the problem of course). Fantastic! That alone has me converted from Internet Explorer.

Google also recon that it's faster, more secure etc. Claims I have heard before from other vendors but I've not looked into this yet.

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It's unbelievably fast!!!! I shut down 4 tabs, then opened them again. It was almost instant! Fab. More testing to be done I think. Ah, another point, you don't have that annoying window to select whether or not you want to open the tabs next time. You can set this in the options to open the last pages, the home page or a page with your most used web sites on, or indeed any number of pages you choose. I'm liking this so far.

It looks like Google Toolbar can't be added! All the features I use, are not there in the standard UI.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Facebook and Plazes

Those that know me, also know that I love Plazes and that recently I set up a Facebook Profile (Search for me on the link, but I am not one of these people that accept friend requests from people i don't know! so don't be offended).

Well, I'm as happy as I could be with this little gem of an app as they not only have your plazes linked to Google Earth and Google Calender, but I now have it my Outlook calender and on my Facebook page. Nice one Plazes.

I love it when people do what people want instead of the corporate stuff we usually get where a great ideas go into the mixing pot, gets kicked around by managers, accountants, shareholders and anyone else that seems to think they need their say, and it comes out a shadow of it's former self with a load of limitation that make it almost pointless. But not pointless enough not to want it, oh no, you still want it, it becomes a need, and then a frustration because it just doesn't go far enough...
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Friday, 23 May 2008

Re New Google Earth

OK, so I've done some work on GE 4.3 now, and although the sunlight feature is great, and the stability on Vista seems sorted, there are a couple of questions I have.

Why do buildings not cast shadows? Without this it is another "nice but useless" feature. OK, maybe not useless, but it certainly limits it. When I publish a building to GE it would be great if we could see how any proposals will be effected by the sun. How much of the back garden will get the sunshine for example, or will that corner of the car park need lighting at dusk? These would be really useful. On the plus side I love the way the sun light changes colour as it nears the horizon. As I say, looks fab, limited use.

The second, more fundamental question, is why have they reduced the number of points you can get out of the surface from 10000 to 5000? This is a real bugger because any surfaces I get from Google now are lower resolution and combined with the massive inaccuracies place it's use at the limit of acceptability too. With just the accuracy issue, it was passable for "flying the Kite" as an architect would say, but now I'm not sure it has that use.

Another plus is the new navigation. It's really smooth and easy to do with just a standard 3 button mouse (with a wheel). Will still use the space pilot though.

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New Google Earth

Have you downloaded the new version of Google Earth?

I did just a few days ago, and on first impression it looks more stable than the last version on Vista, so I might be back using it instead of NASA's Whirlwind with the Microsoft Virtual Earth plug in that has been prefered due to the stability problems that drove me mad.

The first thing I liked about it was the sunlight feature. Realtime sunlight, cool! Take yourself to the ground and pan so you can see the sky in the west and then watch the sun set. If you can't wait, press the play button and it will take you through 24 hours in a few seconds, The shadows are cast by the terrain and as the sun nears the horizon, the colours change. It even cast shadows on the buildings but not by the buildings sadly.

I like this a lot

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Wednesday, 21 May 2008


The Google Android Challenge contenders are in and there are some really exciting things on the horizon. For those of you who don't know what Android is (and can't be bothered to search my post to find out) it's the mobile operating system by Google. The phantom "G-Phone".

Amongst my favorite are "FreeFamilyWatch" by Navee Technologies LLC. This great little app checks your location against crime stats and air quality. It also shows your speed. There is very little info, and I haven't looked into it deeply but it looks like there is a manager screen so you can keep a check on other members of the family with a quick view of there location on a map and an option to call them. Brilliant app for worried Dads like me.

Another one I like is "goCart" by Rylan Barnes and "AndroidScan" by Jeffrey Sharkey. Two separate developments that scan bar codes with the phones camera and then allows you to search for online stores and reviews. Every time I go to buy anything I do spend a lot of time in the shop searching for better online deals and reviews. This would save a lot of time and frustration as the database will always return the correct results. I note that GoCart had a wish list, this is only a small step away from a handheld, and more importantly, cheap device that you could use to scan every packet of grocery you throw away and store it ready for you to press the order button.

I love the Idea of "LifeAware" by Gregory A. Moore, Aaron L. Obrien & Jawad Akhtar. Location based social networking. Shows where your friends are and lets you know when they have arrived at a defined destination (the pub for example). Brilliant use of LBS. The key here will be little or no set up. Tell your friends where and when to meet via the app, then the phone will do the rest (hopefully... we will have to wait to see)

"Locale" by Clare Bayley, Carter Jernigan, Christina Wright & Jasper Lin looks quite cool to. It uses conditions such as Battery level, Time and location to dynamically set up your phone. So... it's midnight and your at home, the the phone goes into low battery mode and turns down the ringer volume. I hope this one links to you diary so you don't have to set your location twice.

I can't wait to use them already

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Friday, 7 March 2008

No blogging!!

Hello to everyone, it's been a while... a long while. Well there is a very good reason for this. Not only has work been exceptionally busy, and this is not going to slow down for the next 2 months with the new release of Autodesk software coming very fast, but I have been getting used to having a little fella around the house too. It's not been an easy ride, but we are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and maybe, just maybe in a few month or so, I will have some time to blog again.
Just a thought this time......
Microsoft purchasing Yahoo. What is that all about then? 2 smallish (relatively to the big Google anyway) Internet search engines combining does not make one large search engine? Do they have unique technologies, that when they combine make a compelling reason to change your proffered search? What do they get that could it be worth that amount of money? What technologies? What market share? How much development does $44.6 billion buy? Could it possibly be a tit for tat purchase in reaction to Google's move to the operating system market. Nah, no one would spend that amount of money doing that! Would they???