Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Super Cool!

I don't know, you wait for months, then 3 come along all at once.

As more and more computers can handle it, LIDAR data is becoming more main stream, but I never thought as long as by arse faced south that LIDAR could be cool!

Watch this Radiohead video (my favorite band)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Google Earth v's Virtual Earth

After much pestering by my 9 year old daughter, I recently took her up Striding Edge in the Lake District (UK). Very impressed with her efforts, when we got home, I took her on a virtual tour in Google Earth. I was not impressed with the Quality of the image or the surface. SO, a quick hop onto Virtual Earth, and wow!! What a difference! 

Google Earth:

Virtual Earth:

Come on Google, this is really poor. Yes I know you can't cover the whole earth in high res, but this is not just one isolated area. Most comparisons I do, VE wipes the floor with GE. (I still prefer the GE interface though!)

Written and submitted from home

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Google Chome

It's the G word again! Sorry, but the new web browser from Google is worth a mention. Google Chrome.

First impressions... Clean and simple (The Google trade mark). Mousers will not like the missing zoom, print and the history buttons on the main interface, although keyboard junkies won't miss them at all (Ctrl H, P and +,-). Other than that, things seam very similar to IE or FireFox. You have tabs, but these can be dragged out into a new window. You have your favorites (or bookmarks as Google like to call them), a control and customise button and that is about it!

The only thing I can't find, that I use a lot on the laptop (due to screen size) is the full screen option (F11). 

SO what is brilliant? There has to be something brilliant when Google is involved surely! Well there is a Porn Browser. Yep, they call it an "incognito" window. It removes all information from the computer when it's closed. Apart from the obvious application, quite useful I suppose if your looking for birthday presents on a shared computer.

The "brilliant" has to be the way each tab and Java app uses their own memory. IE has the vary annoying habit of locking up when using multiple tabs and one page or script hangs. The only thing you can do is  Shift, Ctrl + Esc and end the whole IE process. Chrome has it's own task manager and you can end the task that is causing the hang leaving all your web pages in tact (apart from the one that caused the problem of course). Fantastic! That alone has me converted from Internet Explorer.

Google also recon that it's faster, more secure etc. Claims I have heard before from other vendors but I've not looked into this yet.

Written and submitted from Home

It's unbelievably fast!!!! I shut down 4 tabs, then opened them again. It was almost instant! Fab. More testing to be done I think. Ah, another point, you don't have that annoying window to select whether or not you want to open the tabs next time. You can set this in the options to open the last pages, the home page or a page with your most used web sites on, or indeed any number of pages you choose. I'm liking this so far.

It looks like Google Toolbar can't be added! All the features I use, are not there in the standard UI.