Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Nokia's new one

Hears an interesting one, courtesy of Mark, found on Nokia's "Point and Find" service.

Just point your camera phone at a film poster and the service will use a database to find the film and return relevant results like reviews and trailers. Now we already have a music version of this service, but a visual equivalent is quite a big jump in technology.

My main interest here is the use of Nokia's GPS to make the results location based and therefore more relevant. No point returning results for London when you live in Scotland. As if you need another angle for the power of location based services! Without the GPS, you know the service will just return useless results.

It's only for films at the moment, but think on... I bet you can come up with 10 more things that you would like this service to be expanded into. Point your phone at a restaurant and get a menu and booking info. Point it at your car and get a list of garages near you. Point it at a person and get their contact details!!! Mad, maybe. Possible, definitely.

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