Monday, 4 May 2009

Google Latitude

I am currently experimenting with Google Latitude as a personnel locator. So for now we will have 2 locator's on this site. Plazes has been moved to the bottom. The reason for this is that Google is much easier to locate me as it's done via the GPS on my phone. I can also ask it to only locate me down to city level, so my exact location is not published, something I like. The problem with Plazes is only that updating it is not very good. It will only allow me to text in my location or use the web (unless I'm on the computer as there is a gadget for locating you by your IP address). As for the Web, I haven't found very reliable and "phone" friendly and so far every location that is texted and not already on their database is totally ignored, so despite my efforts and love of Plazes, it looks like I am going to have to drop it.

What google doesn't do yet, that Plazes does, is show "my world". The places where I have been. It also looks pants compared to the simplicity of the Plazes widget. Although I do like the fact that you get an icon with my profile picture on it.

I have used Google when meeting up with people and found it brilliant. When Mark was stuck in traffic, I could see his location on my phone and estimate his arrival time with out bothering him on the phone while he was driving.

As with all these things, there never seams to be a perfect answer. Each offering has benefits and drawbacks. What I want is a locator that will locate me via GPS or GPRS (Google), one that links directly to my Blog (Google and Plazes), looks good on the blog (Plazes), links to Facebook and Twitter (Plazes). But as the 1st one is the most important, no point if it can't locate me, then Google wins for the time being. Come on Plazes, I'm rooting for you!!!