Friday, 3 July 2009

Surveying the scene

This week has been incredibly busy...

First was a trip up north to plan an implementation and do some work for one of our clients with the World Cup Bid. Next a Jaunt down south for a bit of Surveying with Trimble in Farnborough. Jack has posted about that one, so I don't have to. Click here to read all about it. Then it was back to Bradford for "Back to Basics" with some CAD training for a GIS guy in one of our Utility Companies. Then back to the World cup bid for some late night (deadline pending) work transforming some ESRI Shape Contour data (2D with elevation attributes) into a GeoTIFF DTM. Next it was day 2 of the CAD training, then an early start to do some Civil 3D training for a client who designs Holiday parks. All interjected with some support for our Police with some ODBC connections. Somewhere in that lot I also managed to have various conversations and meetings about Business in general.

With all this work on, I have had no time to plan next week, Including a training session on Monday, so it looks like I will be working some of the week end too.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this? Well it's the recession. It's absolutely awful out there for some people, including friends of mine who have lost there jobs, and with no sight of any employment in their field. But as I have said before (somewhere) the recession could be the best thing that has happened to the UK in a long time. I do mean the UK and not the individuals who suffer, so don't chastise me for that statement.

People value money again. It's not something to be borrowed cheaply and spent cheaply. On the flip side, the banks are also made to respect the value of money, and are going back to the commonsensical and simplistic approach of balancing the books the way they used to (well, so they say, time will tell). The government has possibly made the best move by buying the banks. A 20p rise in the share value of RBS will net the UK £8b.

Estate agents realise that sitting on their arses and watching the till fill up is not good enough. Car dealers now have to actually try to sell their cars and be nice to their customers (well all except mine!!) and best of all, we may well see the end of the chav the same way we saw the end of the Yuppie after the last recession. Before the last recession in the 80's we saw a massive increase in the number of Yuppies. You remember Harry Endfields "Loads of Money" character. I don't know if the Yuppie was a symptom, a cause or just the result of the excess' in the middle classes, but they epitomised the time and died out when the recession hit. The Chav epitomises the excess of the oo's. They are the lower class' who could buy things cheap, due to the influx of cheap consumables from the likes of China, and could borrow money easily due to ridiculous way the banks ran themselves with people who didn't understand the market, the customer or even the products they were selling.

Then of course there is the "spend our way out of the recession" plan like the USA did in the 20's. This means that we have lots of projects on the go. We have lots of work fixing our infrastructure (the reason why I am busy). Although why our local authority saw fit to re-surface the road to my village when it was perfectly fine in the first place is beyond me! Some of the roads I drive on are not fit for a tractor.... anyway, I digress.

The point is, I feel very lucky to be in the position I am, and remind myself of that fact every day. Something we all can do, as there is always someone having a tougher time somewhere.

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