Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Picasa Update

Well, that's the latest round of Local Government presentations completed, and a success I believe!

All this running around has given me little time for anything lately, but hopefully that's it for the year.

Just a quickie for now. If your using Picasa for managing your pictures and video's, then don't wait for the automatic update to the latest version (3.5.0). Go straight to the download page (click the link above) and get it now. What's new? Well, the headline is the face recognition. It will scan all your photo's for faces, you can then tag it with a name. Picasa will then look for similar faces and tag them too.

It does come up with some strange and often humorous results occasionally, but in the main it gets it right. It even picked up some baby pictures for my daughter who is now 10.

Regardless if you find this useful or not, it's great to watch it pick up all the faces on your computer. On mine it picked up some gargoyle's and statues also!

I was amazed how may pictures I had of people on my computer.

Written and submitted from Home