Saturday, 24 October 2009

One to think about

Here's an interesting one from TechCrunch
I never understand why people who blog/tweet/im think that they own the words and can therefore just simply delete them and think that they then do not exist. Despite Twitter's T's and C's, stating that you own the 'tweets', the ownership of the words is irrelevant. Someone some where will read them, and that fact cannot be deleted and therefore the responsibility of the words are yours.
Treat all media the same as the spoken word.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Top tip

When was the last time you sent an e-mail with an attachment and forgot to attach the attachment. Why do we do this. I've done it lots and I know I'm not alone, as I get lots of emails with missing attachments closely followed by an "ooops" email.

If your using GMail, then have you noticed the "Labs" tab in the Setting?

Click it and have a look at some of the extra options. Some of them are just daft! Like adding "beta" back on the GMail icon, or making you do a maths question before it will allow you to send a mail late at night. But one of them caught my eye.

This one looks for the words "Attachment" in the body of your email, and then warns you if you try to send a mail without one attached. Simple eh! I want that in my Microsoft office.

So that's my "Top tip". Well, not quite... my tip is go to the Labs. Lots of companies try out idea's in the labs first. Autodesk Labs and Google labs are the ones I use the most (mainly with my work) but keep your eye out for others like Microsoft Office Labs. You get to play with some really useful stuff.

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Comment: Just noticed that Microsoft have a "forgotten attachment" feature in their labs. Should have looked before posting!!