Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Flat is OK...

This is quite brilliant:

Blaise Aguera y Arcas demos augmented-reality maps | Video on

I think the the transactions between all the different data sets is the best so far, and it's Microsoft, not Google!

I may well return to this later, but for now, just watch it and decide for yourself.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Interesting thing here. A patent for "Virtual Notes in a Reality Overlay". The ability to put time. location, data based info in an augmented reality application. 

Stephan Douris is the creative director of Yahoo ( and I think it shows Yahoo (fairly silent over the past few years in scheme of things) are still there with the big boys in terms of developing new stuff. The patent was originally filed some time ago, so some of the stuff in it already exists or has certainly been discussed many times in many blogs and articles. I always think to myself when I see stuff like this "why is it not out there now!"

I love AR more than chocolate, and the ability to leave notes on People and things is fantastic. My only problem with it is that we will not be all walking around with our camera phones on and oriented to our faces. We need inconspicuous specs! Implants (Terminator style vision) Until then it will always be a gimmick... won't it? The best use of AR I can see is in the satnav industry. It's made for augmented reality. The games industry is there, but surely the day when adults are running around the streets of London shooting pretend guns at aliens will not come. Maybe a "Paint ball" type environment is the way forward for that one!

At a recent conference I attended Harrogate I was getting frustrated with so called 'innovators' talking about the new stuff they had seen (John McKerrell excellent was one of them) and how they 'don't see the point of it' and 'think it's a bit of a waist of time' and 'who would use it'. My frustration was short lived when Ed Parsons backed up my (very silent) protest and pointed out other technologies that had been created with little knowledge of their uses.

This is always a nice little reminder to me that even though I can't currently see beyond the satnav in the near future, and more distantly beyond speculative science fiction, that doesn't mean that someone else can't. These things should be out there, good or not, useful or useless. Let the John Mckerrell's of this world innovate and moaners moan. One will make stuff, the other will talk a lot!!

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