Saturday, 14 September 2013

My taps make me laugh

Ever since seeing a photo post from TwistedSifter ( I've been seeing faces all over the place. Here is a picture of my bath taps.

The GIF was created by Google automatically. It's a feature called "Auto Awesome". The daftest Americanism I've heard for a while, but that aside, is really good.

What happened was that I used my phone to take the picture, and unsure what level of water coming out of the mouth would look best (or nose, depending on your point of view), I took about 6 photo's at different levels of "on".

My phone automatically uploaded them to Google + as it does, and when I looked at it, this gif was also there. Good eh!

It also does other stuff, but I'm still smiling at my daft looking taps to look at these other features.

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