Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Still smiling

Some of the old coding jokes still make me smile. This http response code from 1998 for example... Error 418. Totally pointless, but we're so familiar with the 404 not found code when I stumbled across this one again, it made me smile.

On a similar note, I saw a totally different image of Simba in the Lion King the other day:

Looks normal. In fact it is. This is from https://uk.movieposter.com/poster/MPW-180/Lion_King.html and you can buy it. Now look at the image again, but this time notice that there is a woman facing away from you in just her pants. The pants are Simba's nose and her arms are stretched out with her hair being the central part of the mane. You'll never see anything else now.

I heard about these Disney jokes from my sister many years ago when she pointed out a penis in The Little Mermaid. That's to say a penis in the film, not actually in the Mermaid herself! That would be too rude. It was part of the castle.

What it reminded me of was that we can still have fun at work. In fact, when we do have fun we are often at our most productive. When we love our work it shows, and sometimes this requires a little cheek, or a little deviation to add a bit spice to the daily grind. If anyone sees any of my presentations, then be sure to look for something that has no right being there :)

If you don't love your work, then try some spice and if that doesn't work maybe you should think about a more drastic change... good luck.

Written and submitted from home